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Inexpensive web hosting on powerful shared servers

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A virtualized OS environment with dedicated memory and disk storage resources

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Full dedicated hardware to run your critical web sites and applications

Host your own equipment at our safe and secure datacenter

ColdFusion Hosting
New Adobe ColdFusion 2021 Enterprise Site and Application Hosting

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Seriously-Solid ColdFusion Hosting

Adobe ColdFusion We love ColdFusion!   Ayera has been an Adobe Solutions and Hosting partner (and previously Macromedia Partner) since 2003. Our developers are all ColdFusion certified, and we know what it takes to develop, host, and maintain your applications. Our own web site, customer portal, and internal applications are written in CFML. When comparing hosting providers, be sure and check on the underlying technology used on their own web sites...you might be surprised that many ColdFusion hosting providers don't even use the software themselves! Why would anyone trust their ColdFusion applications to such a company?

  • Our ColdFusion Shared and VPS Plans are based on ColdFusion Enterprise. The Enterprise version provides critical performance, monitoring, and security features above the less-expensive Standard version. Don't settle for less!
  • We use Sandbox Security on our Shared Servers to isolate and protect your applications and databases from other hosting clients. Any hosting provider that doesn't is compromising your security!
  • Our Shared ColdFusion Servers do not run Php, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl or any other server-side technologies. Keeping the web application servers separated allows proper configuration based on the underlying technology. It also avoids the security and performance pitfalls that are present when many server-side software packages are running on the same server.
  • We use powerful Dell PowerEdge Servers with 32 to 64 CPU cores, plenty of memory, and fast Flash and SAS-based hard drives. Redundant power supplies and fault-tolerant RAID configurations are standard. Your applications will stay up and running.
  • We do NOT overload our servers! Providers that offer cheap hosting can only do so by cramming as many clients as possible on a server, which invariably causes outages and performance issues on your site. We have strict limits on how many clients are allowed per server.

We want to prove to you that we deserve your business! We offer:
  • NO Setup Fees
  • NO Term Commitments
  • NO Risk. If you're not happy, you don't pay!
Feature Shared Plans VPS Plans
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 Processing Power   ---MultiCore CPUs---   One   Two 
 Dedicated Memory   --- Shared ---   2.0GB   2.5GB 
 Monthly Bandwidth   100GB   200GB   200GB   400GB 
 Web Storage   500MB   1000MB   32GB   32GB 
 IP Addresses   1   1   2   2 
 DNS Hosting   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Firewall Protection   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 RAID Protection   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Web Site Backups   Weekly   Daily   Yes   Yes 
 Site Statistics   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 ColdFusion Enterprise 
 ColdFusion 10   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 ColdFusion 2016   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 ColdFusion 2018   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Sandbox Security   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Databases Supported 
 Databases   1   2   5   5 
 Storage (total)   100MB   500MB   500MB   500MB 
 Backups   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily 
 MSSQL 2005/2008   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 MSSQL 2012/2016   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 MSSQL 2019   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 MySQL 5.5/5.6/5.7   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
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