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WiFi Internet

Wireless Internet
Areas served:
Ceres, CA
Denair, CA
Empire, CA
Escalon, CA
French Camp, CA
Hickman, CA
Hughson, CA
Keyes, CA
Lathrop, CA
Manteca, CA
Merced, CA
Modesto, CA
Newman, CA
Oakdale, CA
Patterson, CA
Ripon, CA
Riverbank, CA
Salida, CA
Stockton, CA
Turlock, CA
Waterford, CA

Coverage Map
Find out if you are within our current coverage area!

Plans & Pricing
High-speed wireless internet service to your home or business

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We support Net-Neutrality and your rights to access the content you want!

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High Speed Wireless Network

Leveraging our downtown Modesto datacenter facility's huge internet transit pipes, we are building a high speed wireless network within Stanislaus County to deliver high quality, incredibly fast internet service to city and rural residential & business customers at very reasonable pricing. Our coverage maps are continually changing as we add new areas. Please check service availability via our address availability tool.

Wireless Internet Plans

We have both lower-cost Residential Plans and feature-rich Business Plans available.

Feature Residential Plans Business Plans
  3M     5M     10M     20M     40M   3x3 5x5 10x10 20x20 40x40 100x100**
 Download Speed (Mbps)  3.0 5.0 10 20 40 3.0 5.0 10 20 40 up to 100
 Upload Speed (Mbps)*   Varies based on distance  3.0 5.0 10 20 40 up to 100
 Antenna   Standard Included   Standard Included   Enhanced Included 
 IP Address   One Static Included   One Static Included 
 Routed Subnet IPs   Not Available  **available for additional charge** 
 /30 (one usable), /29 (5 usable), /28 (13 usable)
 SLA Uptime Guarantee   99.0%  99.9% 99.95%
 Business Services 
 Web Hosting   Not Included  Bronze Bronze Silver Silver Gold VPS-132
 Email Hosting   Not Included  250MB 250MB 250MB 250MB 1GB 1GB
 Off-Site Backup Storage   Not Included  10GB 20GB 50GB 100GB 200GB 1000GB
 Business VoIP Service   Not Included  Optional***
 General IT Support   Not Included  Optional***
 Pricing & Options 
 Monthly Price  $39 $49 $79 $119 $199 $49 $79 $129 $199 $299 $499
 Installation Charge   $99 one-time   $99 one-time 
 Contract Term   Month-to-Month!   Month-to-Month! 
 Router Options   No Router Included
 Indoor WiFi Only: $59 one-time
 Indoor WiFi w/4 ports: $99 one-time 
 No Router Included
 Indoor WiFi Only: $59 one-time
 Indoor WiFi w/4 ports: $99 one-time 
 Support   24/7/365 via Email & Phone   24/7/365 via Email, Phone, & On-Site 
* Burst up to download speed is allowed. Actual upload speeds will vary based on distance and antenna capacity.
   50% of download speed is guaranteed as upload speed on Business Plans. No guarantee of upload speed on Residential Plans.
** Business Plan 100x100 Speed can vary based on distance and line-of-sight. 60-Mbps is guaranteed with speeds up to 100-Mbps possible.
*** Available via our trusted VoIP Carrier & Local IT Service Partners
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