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Reseller Revenue Calculator

We truly appreciate the trust you place in us by referring your clients to us for hosting. As such, we believe in serving them well as well as sharing the profits with you.

Below is a revenue calculator that you can use to estimate how much revenue you can bring to your bottom line by referring clients to us. Since you get monthly commissions for as long as your client stays with us, you'll likely be surprised at how fast that revenue grows!

Package/Plan  Monthly Pricing Sold per Month
  Clients per month on Shared Hosting Plans @ 15% commission:
Bronze Package:  Qty:
Silver Package:  Qty:
Gold Package:  Qty:
Platimun Package:  Qty:
  Clients per month on Virtual Hosting Plans @ 20% commission:
VPS-108 Plan:  Qty:
VPS-116 Plan:  Qty:
VPS-132 Plan:  Qty:
VPS-164 Plan:  Qty:
VPS-232 Plan:  Qty:
VPS-264 Plan:  Qty:
  Clients per month on Dedicated Hosting Plans @ 10% commission:
Average Dedicated Cost:  Qty:
Customer Churn Rate: 

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