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Virtual Hosting

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Shared Hosting
Inexpensive web hosting on powerful shared servers

Virtual Hosting
A virtualized OS environment with dedicated memory and disk storage resources

Dedicated Hosting
Full dedicated hardware to run your critical web sites and applications

Host your own equipment at our safe and secure datacenter

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New Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Enterprise Site and Application Hosting

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Virtual (VPS) Hosting

Virtual Web Hosting provides much greater customization and control than Shared Hosting, while still maintaining reasonable pricing. You applications will still reside on a server with other customers, however you will have individually reserved memory and disk resources. Our Virtual Server Hosting is run on some of our most powerful Dell Enterprise Class servers using proven, reliable virtualization technology. The result is a highly secure and stable environment for your web sites and applications. Also, since your VPS Hosting has it's own separate Operating System with full root-level access...you are in complete control!

Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans

There are a variety different VPS Hosting plans to accommodate your needs and budget. We can't stand vendors that have confusing pricing, hidden costs, setup charges, or term contracts...which is why you'll never encounter them with us.

Feature VPS Plans Multi-Processor VPS Plans
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 Server Processing Power   --- 32 to 60 Processor Cores per VMware Server Host! --- 
 Server Memory   --- 1-TB per Server Minimum! --- 
 Monthly Bandwidth   200GB   300GB   400GB   600GB   600GB   1.2TB 
 Virtual Processors   One   One   Two   Two   Four   Eight 
 Dedicated Memory   2.0GB   2.0GB   2.5GB   4.0GB   4.0GB   8.0GB 
 Hard Drive Partition   32GB   64GB   32GB   64GB   128GB   256GB 
 DNS Hosting (zones)   up to 5   up to 5   up to 5   up to 10   up to 50   up to 50 
 Static IP Addresses   2   2   4   4   4   8 
 Firewall Protection   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Eset NOD32 Antivirus   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 ColdFusion 2018 Enterprise   Yes!   Yes!   Yes!   Yes!   Yes!   Yes! 
 Choice of Operating System 
 Windows 2019 Standard   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Ubuntu   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 CentOS   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Enterprise Email Services (for 1 domain) 
 Email Accounts   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited 
 Email Storage per Mailbox   250MB   250MB   250MB   500MB   1GB   1GB 
 Email Storage Total   500MB   500MB   500MB   1GB   2GB   5GB 
 Anti-Spam Protection   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Web-Based Email   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Databases Supported (on our shared DB servers) 
 Databases   5   5   5   10   10   25 
 Database Storage   500MB   500MB   500MB   1,000MB   2,000MB   5,000MB 
 SQL Server 2008/2012   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 SQL Server 2019   ---   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 MySQL 5 or 8   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Additional Options 
 Databases (on VPS server)   Any MySQL version, Free! 
     Any SQL Server Express version, Free! 
     SQL Server 2008/2012/2019 Web Edition, $48/mo (for up to 4 processor cores) 
     SQL Server 2008/2012/2019 Standard Edition, $299/mo (for up to 4 processor cores) 
 Additional Storage   Add 32GB for $15/mo 
 Additional Mail Storage   Add 1GB for $15/mo 
 Additional Memory   Add 2GB for $10/mo 
 Additional CPUs   Add 1 CPU for $10/mo 
 Additional IP Addresses   Add 1 IP for $1/mo each 

Number of distinct, independent web sites allowed.

Default storage of backups are local.
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