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Shared Hosting
Inexpensive web hosting on powerful shared servers

Virtual Hosting
A virtualized OS environment with dedicated memory and disk storage resources

Dedicated Hosting
Full dedicated hardware to run your critical web sites and applications

Host your own equipment at our safe and secure datacenter

ColdFusion Hosting
New Adobe ColdFusion 2021 Enterprise Site and Application Hosting

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Shared Hosting

Our Shared Web Hosting gives you a stable, inexpensive method to deploy your critical web site or business applications. By placing you on a server with other customers, the underlying costs of the server hardware and operational expenses is distributed, resulting in a much lower hosting price.

Each of our powerful shared web servers are isolated to a specific web technology (i.e. ColdFusion, Php, ASP.NET). This allows us to configure the server for optimal performance as well as implement "security best-practices" based on the underlying technology. Our shared servers are also closely monitored. Any sites or applications that cause performance or stability problems are quickly traced down and either fixed, moved, or shut down. We limit the number of clients on each server based on the intensity of the client's site, the overall traffic volumes, and the hardware specifications of the server. The reward for such diligence is an amazing 99.93% average uptime track record and a lot of happy customers!

Shared Hosting Plans

There are a variety different Shared Hosting plans to accomodate your needs and budget. We can't stand vendors that have confusing pricing, hidden costs, setup charges, or term contracts...which is why you'll never encounter them with us.

Feature Shared Hosting Plans
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 Processing Power   --- Multiple Processor/Core Servers --- 
 Server Memory   --- Minimum 4GB --- 
 Monthly Bandwidth   30GB   100GB   200GB   300GB 
 Web Sites*   1   1   1   up to 3 
 Web Storage   100MB   500MB   1,000MB   5,000MB 
 IP Addresses   Shared   1   1   2 
 DNS Hosting   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Firewall Protection   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 RAID Protection   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Web Site Backups   Optional   Optional   Yes   Yes 
 Enterprise Email Services 
 Email Accounts   up to 10   up to 25   Unlimited   Unlimited 
 Email Storage (per box)   150MB   150MB   500MB   1GB 
 Email Storage Total   250MB   250MB   1GB   2GB 
 Anti-Spam Protection   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Web-Based Email   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Choice of Application Servers 
 ColdFusion 2016   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 ColdFusion 2018   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 ColdFusion 2021   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 PHP 7.x   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 PHP 8.x   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 Databases Supported 
 Databases   ---   1   up to 2   up to 3 
 Database Storage (total)   ---   100MB   500MB   1,000MB 
 Database Backups   ---   Weekly   Daily   Daily 
 MSSQL 2008/2012   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 MSSQL 2016/2019   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 
 MySQL 5.6/5.7 or 8   ---   Yes   Yes   Yes 

Number of distinct, independent web sites allowed.

Default storage of backups are local.

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