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Our Background

Ayera has been providing Enterprise-level web and application hosting for its customers since 2002. We understand the frustration that can occur finding a reliable hosting provider that also provides competent support and flexible hosting options. Our humble beginnings as a software development company put us in the often daunting position of finding qualified hosting providers for our customers.

We searched, compared and evaluated dozens of providers. Some had cut-rate pricing but frequent outages and performance problems. Others had reasonable prices and options, but nonexistent customer service. None seemed able to handle any special needs or custom set-ups that we occasionally required. We realized that we were chasing a mirage and decided to do it ourselves...and do it right.

We researched telecommunications companies and bandwidth providers. We toured facilities, tested service availability and throughput, and grilled technicians. Eventually, we leased space in a Class-5 telecomm facility, installed a high-speed Internet connection to redundant backbone providers, and purchased enterprise-class servers to run core web and support services. We trained our technical staff to know the new infrastructure end-to-end. We made sure our customer support staff understood that their job security was dependent on making sure our customers were satisfied. We developed reasonably priced plans that were not confusing or misleading.

To be honest, we're were quite proud of the outcome.

Today we have a fiercely-loyal group of customers, many whom we know on a first-name basis. We average an impressive 99.995% network uptime and our problem response times are measured in minutes, not hours or days.


Modesto City Tower Building, Ayera Technologies In 2006, with year-after-year of sustained growth, we expanded our operations and opened our own additional hosting facility in the seismically-stable Californa Central Valley. Our Modesto Datacenter is located in the Modesto City Tower, a Class "A" facility in downtown Modesto, California. Our datacenter is equipped with ample amounts of dedicated, UPS-protected power, a standby diesel backup generator, fully redundant cooling systems, FM-200 fire supression, 24/7 video surveillance, key-card entry security, and access to it's 185 foot tower antenna.

Our network is equally solid with 10-Gigabit Ethernet internet connectivity to multiple Tier-I/II backbone providers, completely redundant Cisco Enterprise 7609-S routers and switches, redundant Cisco Firewalls, and CAT-6/fiber cabling providing 10-Gigabit backbone throughout our facility.

We hope you will give us a chance to earn and keep your business by far exceeding your expectations.

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