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Hosting Overview

Our Datacenters

Seismically-stable locations, close to freeways and airports.

Industrial N+1 Cooling systems, Centralized UPS Power, Standby Generators, and Fire Supression Systems.

Redundant Gigabit ethernet network, Enterprise-class servers, Multiple peering partners, TDM/SIP services

Our Network

Ayera Datacenters

We currently have several Tier II/Tier II hosting facilities located on the US West Coast. Having multiple sites allows up to provide off-site backups and disaster recovery for all locations, ensuring minimal down-time for your critical business applications and operations, even in the extremely unlikely event of a catastrophic event at one location.

Modesto, California, view map
801 Tenth Street, Modesto, CA 95354

Located in the Modesto City Tower Building, this datacenter provides a premier hosting environment, complete with redundant cooling systems, centralized UPS power, standby diesel generator, and FM-200 fire supression systems.

The facility is located in the center of downtown Modesto, a seismically-stable city located 50 miles East of the SF Bay Area, 60 miles South of Sacramento, and close to the Modesto airport and Interstate 99. The facility is linked via fiber to AT&T's main Modesto Central Office, a mere two blocks away. Multiple Tier I and Tier II carriers provide high speed internet and voice services. Redundant Enterprise Cisco 6509-E routers, Gigabit backbone switches, and firewalls provide a solid, scalable network.

Modesto City Tower Building

Fremont Datacenter Fremont, California, view map
48233 Warm Springs, Fremont, CA 94539

We also lease space in the He.net Fremont II datacenter, a 200K sqft facility that includes 24x7 on-site support staff in a highly secured environment.

With multi-Gigabit links between this facility and our Modesto datacenter, the Fremont datacenter provides and ideal location for most of our critical data backups and replicated servers, which in turn provides worry-free Disaster Recovery service for our core operations. An added benifit is our ability to leverage He.net's global IPv4 and IPv6 transit network which enables a high-speed, low-latency worldwide reach for our extended network.

Los Angeles, California, view map
624 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

We also have a presence in the One Wilshire Building, one of the world's most densely populated telecommunications hubs. Providing direct carrier-neutral access to more than a dozen Tier I and Tier II carriers, the facility provides an incredibly solid and secure place to host your application and services.

Though our various partnerships with carriers, we have access to a wide array of TDM and SIP voice services including local and long distance, toll-free service, local loops, local telephone numbers (DID), next-generation PBX-type solutions, hosted voicemail, and much more.

Loa Angeles Datacenter

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